Just Give It Your All………Or Maybe Not

“If you really want something, you have to give it your all.”………….. I know everyone has heard this before. We are taught from our young years that if we want something bad enough all we have to do is put our all into and. And if we put our ALL into it, we will reach our goals………But is that true? Are you capable of achieving what your heart may so desire just by giving it YOUR ALL???

The answer is yes, and no…………You see, when we have a goal that is solely dependent on us, then of course if we give it our all we can accomplish it. For example, say I want to become a college graduate. That is indeed a possibility. I can do all the things required to reach that point. Sign up for fianancial aid, come up with ways to fund my schooling, study, devote my free time to indulging myself in my studies, put my ALL into it… you know stuff like that… and eventually I will obtain my goal.

The difficulties come in when your goal revolves around another person as well. For example, let me see……..let’s talk about the topic of relationships. You can want a relationship to last and prosper into something else (ya know, possibly marriage). So you do everything to try to make it work. You put aside your selfish pride. You devote a lot of your time into the other person. You make them feel special (or so you thought), you let them into your life fully, basically YOU GIVE THEM YOUR ALL………but then later on, it just doesn’t work. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Many times I see many people say, “I gave it my all so I don’t understand why it didn’t work” but the truth is, your all is only good enough when you are the only variable in the equation. When someone else is in the mix, your good enough could be cancelled out by their weakness and your best then becomes mediocre.

“I gave it my all”………. Athletes usually say this too. Sometimes you can give something your all, but then experience a loss. Like the other team just obliterated you; the score was 15 to 72 (a horrible loss). You feel like you gave it your all, and then you wonder was your all good enough? It probably was, however, it did not radiate to others because the rest of your team lacks skill..lol.

This happens. This is life. Is there a reason to cry over it? No, not really. But hey, sometimes a good cry could help you with the situation (tears are sometimes like therapy!!!). I guess what I am trying to say is…….”If you really want something, you have to give it your all”……….. and if it doesn’t work out SO WHAT!!! YOU TRIED!!! And you should be happy about that. Your personal best shouldn’t be defined by the best of others. Things happen and life goes on. And sometimes a few bad experiences help mold you into a phenomenal person. So reach for the stars and don’t let anyone tell you that your best isn’t good enough. Because eventually, everything you desire will be in your grasp, and one day those relationships will work out, and your team will win those games, and all that good stuff.

So smile, and keep on truckin!!! Because if you really want something……….. and you give it your all……You have a higher chance of obtaining it than if you didn’t try at all.

Have a great day,
Monica Renata