Just a Random Thought 2

You were born alone……..
I hate when people tell me this
It’s like people say this in order to make you fell lower than you already feel
They say it to make you see that you have no one in the world but yourself

And the truth is……..
No one came into this world alone
You had someone who was present at your birth
I mean, you didn’t just magically pop out of the sky and landed on Earth
You came from another creature
Many of us call this creature Mom

As we grow older, some of us distance ourselves from ‘Mom’
We dislike the fact that she gives us all of this advice that we never use
We dislike her for saying “When I was your age” because we can never imagine her as us
We just think that ‘Mom’ isn’t hip with our times
but what we fail to realize is that usually this is one person in our life who is there with us from day one.
This is the one person who probably wiped your first tear and told you to be strong.
This is the one person who probably taught you that no matter what life throws at you… you can make it.

So now you sit here thinking about all of the mean things others tell you
And you say to yourself
“Well.. I was born alone”
And the weird thing about it is that you actually believe this statement now
But I ask you this……….. Why? Why do you feel this way?
No one comes into this world alone, and even if you feel alone at this very moment. I want you to know that you aren’t. 

There have been times when I have hit the lowest of the low!
And trust me, I believed I was alone too.
I felt as though I had no one.
I felt like no one cared about me.
I felt like an orphan….
But then I finally expressed how I felt
I opened up and let my lips speak what my mind always though
And at that moment, I seen tears fall from those who I thought didn’t care for me
I saw tears from the people I thought I didn’t even have in my life…

The point I am trying to make is.. You aren’t alone.
And trust me, there are many people who care about you
You probably  just don’t see it because you are stuck behind a thick cloud of sadness
But once you express how you feel
You might be surprised at who actually cares
You will be surprised by the many who don’t want you to be consumed with sadness.