It’s Only Temporary 1

I remember all the people
Who clowned me for Little Things
They never wanted me to Enjoy My Life
They never wanted me to see
See me reach my Full Potential
See me Sore into the Realms of GREAT!!!
They put me down for no reason
And I always wondered what was wrong with me……….

Now I don’t remember all the People
But most remember me
And I must say that I am grateful
For the Way they treated me
Although they created obstacles
That I had to overcome
It made me who I am today
And Now I am the Happy One!

So next time someone tears you down
Remember to be Strong
Because pain is only temporary
Which means it won’t last long
And as you are chasing your dreams
Someone will always try to tear you down!!!
But just keep on moving forward
Because there is always light after even the darkest clouds!