Isn’t It Funny: Tables Turned

Isn’t it funny
How the tables turn
Once you were feasting
Now your hunger pains roar

Isn’t it funny
How you made me cry
But now my teardrops have turned to rain
In your thundering skies

I loved you
I really did
I thought we had forever
But you made time stand still

But isn’t it funny
Where I sit now
I am still a Queen
And I still wear my crown

But in the darkness
You will always be
Sight has been taken
You will no longer see me

Isn’t it funny
How I don’t care
How love for you is gone
Because I value my respect

Isn’t it funny
How you tried to play me like a fool
And now you are the one
Looking sad and confused

Tables turn
Circles come full
Life always balances out
Life always goes on

So do onto others as you would want done to you
And watch the words in which you spew
Make sure you do not spill malevolence or hate
From those lips which can be sweet to taste

Make sure you use your hands for creation of good
Instead of tearing down God’s gifts and making them weak
Use your heart once more instead of your eyes
See beyond the flesh with your inner eye

Realize that there is time to repent
And your past is your past
So you must move on from it

Leave me in the past where I belong
I forgave you once
And I need to no more

Your seat on the side of me has been filled
The king wears his crown
So to it you must kneel

Respect what I have
For you now it is too late
But isn’t it funny
How you hunger for your old plate

"It is too late to dwell on a past relationship that you ruined. Never rip away someone’s happiness and try to reenter their life when you see that they have finally put themselves back together. For by then, your spot may have already been taken. " -Monica Renata