Invincible 1

Each day I awaken
I slowly open my eyes
And life is yet again beautiful
My life is always a surprise

Each day I walk out my door
I smile for the world to see
And some people smile back
While others frown at me

There is beauty in the ugliest things
And some ugly things are absolutely beautiful
A voice can be used to sing a lovely song
Or a voice can be used to speak something hurtful

Kindness is taken for granted at times
Tears of sadness are deemed to others as weak
Children are bullied because of who they are
We walk by people who are truly in need

You are ridiculed for having feelings
They say “feelings” are for the weak
This world is so very twisted
This world tells you to be everyone but the person you know as M-E

A robot in an emotional world
Full of emotions people say you shouldn’t feel
You shall be a warrior in your own beautiful world
That can overcome all since you cannot feel

In a world of so much drama
You are now unable to feel
For life doesn’t disappoint you
To be Invincible, You now know how that feels

But what is the point of being that way?
For sometimes pain makes you feel alive
And would you honestly think that you are living
If a tear never left your beautiful eye?

Life and Death are circles
In Happiness there is always pain
And you are human
You feel pleasure and also pain

It is nice to never be broken
But sometimes being broken is what we need
For why be invincible in a world
And miss out on happiness because you’re scared of pain

Let the world scar you at times
But let yourself also smile
Each day awaken with a positive mind
For that mind will help pick you up when your down

“I never truly understand what others find so appealing about being emotionless in the world. It is said that feelings are for the weak, but feelings make you feel alive. I would rather be scarred by the world and recover than be truly invincible…..For every painful moment and happy occasion in life has made me feel the most alive..” –Monica Renata