If you could wish it
You’d wish me perfect
But that cannot be so
So instead you complain about things you want changed
And things that have to go

You say I’m perfect
But not quite perfect
Like a flawed little jewel
I have such a radiance about me
But you wish it to be dull

Shine bright like a diamond
But not too bright for others to see
Hold your head up with dignity
But slant your eyes so you can’t see

Insecure, you have me feeling
Nonchalant, you want me to be
Sparse, are my interactions
Eccentric, I am to be
Crazy, you make me seem
Ugly, I feel inside
Resounding is my life
Electric is my personality that I now hide

I’m almost completely perfect
But there are some things that I lack
Stop tearing me down to piece
For now I feel inadequate

“When you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Until you truly believe that you are good enough, you never will be.” -Monica Renata