I’m trying

And in my instance of sorrow
You still stand there
Afraid to open your mouth
And yet you just stare

And I cower in the corner
Cause I can’t get through to you
What has made this happen??
Why can’t we pull through???

I’m pulling on rope
That only bruises my hand
You are so close
But you are no where near

I want to hold you
I want to cry
But in my instance of sorrow
You are there yet away somehow

I want you to hear me
But you can’t hear me
I want you to see me
But you can’t see me
I’m trying to get through to you
Trying to open your mind
But you stare blankly
Into the night sky

Just say something
Say something Please!!!
Don’t make me leave
I want to stay in your heart
I don’t want to leave
But what am I to do
When your world stands still
And I am erased…but yearn for you I still

In my instance of sorrow
You are there
I see us coming to an end
But It’s hard to swallow that pill
Just tell me something
Say something now!!!
Because I want to get through to you
But I just don’t know how