I’m Not Your ________________

I’m Not Your ______________
By: Monica Renata
I’m not your cup of tea
That you marvel at the taste
With a splash of lemon and cubes of ice
On an extra warm sunny day
I’m not your simple melody
That you know the pattern of the tune
My song is a bit dramatic
And it changes when I enter rooms
I’m not
I’m not
I’m not
I am not many things
But hopefully you find it in your heart
To someday let me be
Your ray of perfect sunshine
Your beautiful glowing moon
I wish to be your dreams come alive
I wish to be your wish come true
I’m not the most perfect person on earth
I’m not the best in the room
I may not even be your first choice
But oh how I would really like to
I’m not your dream or fantasy
I’m not your highlight of every day
But I wish to be your everything
Hopefully you give me the chance one day
For I may not be what you want
But I believe I am what you need
For I can offer you love everlasting
Even though I am not what you may want me to be
“Sometimes if you give someone a chance you will realize that they are exactly what you dreamed of……… Sometimes we quickly disregard others without even knowing who they really are. You may one day pass up a true gem by judging the outside so rapidly……..” –Monica Renata
Monica Renata 
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