I’m Just Not Where I’m Supposed To Be……….

“I’m just not where I am supposed to be at this time of my life….”
Does this sound remotely familiar? 
I know it sounds familiar to me……..Sometimes, we think that we can just plan out our entire life… and although there is some truth to that….the truth is… that is hard to do….Because stuff happens. You may experience a small setback or something can happen which can change your whole perception of what you want for your future. Sometimes I look at my life and I shake my head because in all honesty, this isn’t what I expected my life to be like at this age. I honestly thought my life would have been…………how do I say this…………..Way better than it is today……lol. 
I envisioned a life of glamor and success that was monumental for anyone in my age group. I envisioned being successful in my business life but in my personal life as well… At this age I was supposed to have it all, but the truth is….the awful realistically speaking truth…..is….. that I don’t have it all… I have some of it though…But not all of it….
And that simple fact that I do not have ALL of what I wanted eats away at me. And that little voice in my head constantly reminds me of the simple fact that “I’m just not where I am supposed to be at this time of my life….”
But is this voice even right? When I was created was there a specific destination that I was supposed to be at a certain stage of my life? At 5 years old was I supposed to be the little kid in the play-yard who knew how to do cartwheels before anyone else? At 16 was I supposed to be the most popular kid in school? At 20 was I supposed to find my soul-mate and prepare to settle down for the rest of my life?
Truth is….. when it comes to life there is no set age at which you are supposed to do anything. Sure there are goals and other things you need to accomplish, but if you do not accomplish them at a certain age…that doesn’t mean that they are no longer obtainable. 
Many times we place a timeline on the important things in life. We say things such as “If I don’t find love by age 24 I will be alone forever.”…… We say such things as, “I am too old to learn a new skill…..that was something I was supposed to do in my younger years.”….  
We say so many things…..and what is really sad is that we constantly feed this to our own minds and eventually………we believe it……..We believe that certain things cannot be obtained because it has reached its expiration date. We give up on what we truly want because it seems that the time in which we were supposed to do it has long passed…..We eventually hold ourselves back…….
At the end of the day, you are not supposed to be anywhere….You have to WANT to be at a certain place in your life in order to obtain it. When you want something you will invest your time, money, or whatever need-be in order to obtain it. I’m just not where I WANTED to be at this time of my life…………..This is the truth….but you know what… I’m not too old to give up. I can still obtain EVERYTHING that I ever wanted……….My dreams can still become a reality… I just have to try harder…Sure time may not be on my side….but at least I have time, and so do you!!!
So stop believing that your time has passed when it comes to certain aspects of your life. You are the conductor of your life!! Sure you may come across some unruly weather along the way, but you gotta keep moving forward. You may not be where you want to be today….but it can happen. After all, progress is never made if you are unwilling to take a step forward!!!
Have a good day everyone!!!
-Monica Renata