I’m Human 2

Pebble falls from the mountaintop
Hits the land below
Does the ground feel any impact?
Does the mountain feel a piece of it is gone?

Rain drop fall from thunderclouds
Hits the great big tree
Yet the tree continues to stand tall
And the rain continues to pour down gently

A world of so much wonder
And a midst it all I stand
So small in this great big world
Minuscule like a grain of sand

At times I’m lost in my own world
But the world is bigger than just me
So I shall smile in my disappointments
And stand tall like the great big tree

For when life knocks me down
And I feel like I am falling apart
I must put myself back together
And realize a piece of me is never gone

For life is all connected
And things that are lost will someday be found
It may not be in its original form
It may not be on the same ground

Pebbles falls from the mountaintop
Just like shatters of my heart
It hits the grown so heavily
And I can feel myself losing each part

Rain drops fall from the thunderclouds
Just like my tear drops fall on the ground
But I gotta keep on moving
And not let small things get me down

For the world is filled with so much wonder
And also so much pain
But I am human, and I feel
And I must learn to live each day

“It is okay to FEEL……You are human… never let the disappointment of the world get you down. Just keep on going. The world is a wonderful place, but you have to go through the struggles to appreciate that. “ -Monica Renata