I’m Glad It wasn’t me

As I was walking to my car today
I heard a woman scream
I looked at her house and walked away
And then I finally thought to myself
I’m glad that wasn’t me

As I began my morning drive to work
I heard a loud crash behind me
I looked in my rearview as I continued pass
And then a car raced beside me
I continued to move along until I could no longer see
And then I finally thought to myself
I’m glad that wasn’t me

As I sat at my desk
I overhead a conversation about a coworker I know
She is in the division of the company which will shut down
And today she found out she has to go
I see her as I leave that day and I don’t say a peep

And then I finally thought to myself
I’m glad that wasn’t me

On the drive home I feel so accomplished
I have done so much work today
When I get home I am surrounded by luxuries
That I worked so hard to get
I turn on the local news
And then I hear people in the background cry
It seems a woman was beaten badly
And then hours later she died
No one heard her cry that day
And her husband didn’t care about her plea
And then they showed the house
And it was the house across the street

The next story was about an accident
That ended up closing 3 lanes
There were four people involved
And all had passed away
The cause of the accident was a driver
A driver who was filled with rage
He threw a metal object at the driver and then quickly drove away
The object hit the driver
And caused her to lose control
And her and her 3 children hit the barricade on the side of the road
They say they are looking for the driver
Who quickly drove away
They say to call a number
But I flip the channel instead


The world is filled with misery
So why should I even care
Why should I look out for others
When I know the others don’t care
This is the mindset so many have
So not in touch with how humans feel
We have turned into a selfish society
And say “If you don’t care, then I don’t care”

Why don’t we help each other out?
Why are we so insensitive to others?
Compassion for others is somewhat lost…
Why don’t we care about others??

Help your fellow man out
Because together we can all rise high
Peace starts within yourself
And your willingness to try

The world can be an ugly place
Full of selfish people indeed
But I realize that improving the world
Starts with M-E
I vow to help those who are in need
And always offer kind words
Cause everyone is fighting a battle
And everyone wants to be heard

Today I saw a homeless man
as I walked down the street
I looked at him and shook my head

And then I finally thought to myself
I’m glad that wasn’t me
But instead of turning my head and walking the other way
I asked him about his story
And listened to what he had to say
He told me his times of happiness and told me his hardships in life
Then I gave him the cash in my pockets and told him I hope everything turns out right
As I walked away I thought to myself
“He is human just like me”

So be careful how you treat people
Be careful about what you say
Cause everyone goes through situations
And you never know if you will be there one day

Sometimes  a string of bad luck
Can really bring you down
So never turn your nose up at someone
Just help them out and smile