I’m Broken 1

I’m Broken

Shattered into thousands of pieces

Reparation seem unimaginable


I have been hurt


I have been hurt to the point where my feelings are afraid to be hurt

Been hurt to the point that I fear my own feelings because feelings can hurt

Feelings can hurt me


I’m broken

Jagged at all of my corners

And if touched I might even hurt you


I have been hurt


I remember being whole

I remember what it felt like to be completely and utterly carefree

But that changed when I was hurt


I’m broken

Yet I yearn to be whole again

But I am deathly afraid


I have been hurt


I have been placed in a position where I must battle myself daily

Question my own feelings because I do not know the intentions of others

Guard myself from others and also myself


I’m broken

Because I have been hurt

But one day I hope this passes


For I yearn to feel the tender touch that can be felt beyond my flesh

I yearn to be able to use my heart to its utmost capacity again

I yearn for that day


But I’ve been hurt


I am broken

But hopefully one day

Someday soon

The pieces will come together again