If You Ever Shall Forget Me 1

If you ever shall forget me
If I never ever cross your thoughts
Do remember that I thought about you
And I care about you so much

If you ever shall forget me
And I am not even a memory in your dreams
Just know that I always wonder “what if”
When I’m drifting into sleep

Just like the sunrise is recurring
So are my thoughts of you
And I don’t know if you despise me
But I’m guessing that you do
However this constant thought
Has been dwelling in my head
But alas I must let go
Before I drive myself insane

If you ever shall forget me
I would fully understand why
For I don’t want to be the source of your pain
And I never want to see you cry
But sometimes forgetting someone
Is sometimes the best thing
But know that I will always cherish the memories
That you and I have made