If I Didn’t Care

If I Didn’t Care
By: Monica Renata
If I didn’t care about you
If I didn’t care at all
I would no longer be there for you
I wouldn’t try to catch you when you fall
If I didn’t care about you
If there was no feeling left in me
I wouldn’t extend my kindness
Even though you hurt me terribly
In pain there is some pleasure
In light there is always dark
And so may I rise one day
And then another day I may fall
To dwell in the past
And let the future not arise
Would be a terrible terrible waste
Of my own heart and mind
If I didn’t care about you
There would be so many things I would not do
But instead I sit there quietly
While I watch you abuse
Abuse my kindness
Abuse my heart
You trampled over me
I cared about you so much
That I was blind and could not see
If I didn’t care about you
If I didn’t care at all
I would harbor so much hate in my heart
I would wish that you never rise but fall
But instead I keep a home for you
In a part of my heart so deep
And despite all the pain you put me through
My care for you never ceased
“Life is too short to let hate consume your heart…Everyone should be forgiven….Forgiveness helps you heal in the long run.” –Monica Renata

Monica Renata 
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