If Heaven

If Heaven wasn’t so far away
If Heaven allowed me to call
I wouldn’t sit here crying
Waiting to hear your voice once more

If Heaven allowed me to visit
If Heaven allowed me to come right back home
I would give you a hug one more time
For your hugs are what I miss the most since your gone

Days and nights I’m waiting
Waiting for you
To give me your words of wisdom
For you to say, “I’m proud of you”

Memories taken for granted
For I never thought that this day would be
Thought you were going to be here forever
But now you only exist in my dreams

But if heaven was next door to me
Even if it was miles and miles away
I would travel each day to see you
For you were the sunshine during my stormy days

Memories will never be forgotten
Your presence is still something I feel
But how I wish I could visit Heaven once more
And then maybe my broken heart will heal

“Always appreciate the loved ones in your life. Cherish each moment, for one day everything you took for granted will be the very things you miss” -Monica Renata