I Wish You Didn’t Call Me Beautiful

I wish you didn’t call me beautiful

Because that is not what I want you to see

I want you to look further

And recognize every piece of me


Look beyond my flesh

Look beyond my brown eyes

Try to find out what makes me tick

Realize that words make me paralyzed

And speak to make me stay still


I wish you saw more than the surface level

You know, the things that are obvious to know

Because even though I seem complicated

I’m not at all hard to get to know


Look beyond what you see in front of you

Look beyond the words I write on this page

Try to read between the lines

And speak up

To make me stay


I move freely like a butterfly

I leave as quick as the wind

I grow with each second of each minute of each hour

Yet the right words can immobilize me


Speak to my heart

Speak to my mind

Speak to peak my curiosity

For I wish you really didn’t call me beautiful

I wish you could just speak on other things