I Understand

Standing face to face

Expressing words that are true to you

I wish you could hear my feelings

I wish that you knew the truth


Telling me what’s bothering you

But not knowing what bothers me

I can feel myself fall apart

While I am standing on my two feet


Your words they pierce like daggers

My heart skips a few beats

Your words are stinging each part of me

Killing me softly on repeat


Looking deeply in my eyes

You want to make sure your words are known

You ask for my response

You say you can’t do this anymore


I say I understand

But that is not quite true

For every time I say that

I am just trying not to disappoint you


I say I understand

But in my mind I wonder still

I can’t seem to take all of this in

But I have no choice but to swallow this pill


I say I understand

But I wish you would school me

On how you are really feeling

About where you wish you could be


I can’t comprehend the worse

I refuse to crush the bit of hope in my hand

I don’t understand what you want right now

But I will say

I understand