I Understand the Lyrics

It played on the radio every day
Oh how I hated that song
Singing of something I didn’t know of
Singing of this unknown

The words seemed to mean something to the singer
But to I they didn’t mean a thing
Just a tune in the background
A song that seems to always play

But today I was lost in the words
And that made my past thoughts fade
For I understand the lyrics fully
And now I am deathly afraid

A flood of raw emotions
In my head it all makes sense
But this isn’t me at all
With my emotions I am on the fence

I finally know what the lyrics mean
The words finally make sense
The beat goes along with your mannerisms
And I’m overwhelmed with memories I can’t forget

But the music is so beautiful
Yet the thoughts of failed loves I am consumed
But I finally understand the lyrics
And each words draws me closer to you

“One day you will realize why things never worked out in the past…. and that very day, those songs about love will make sense.” -Monica Renata