I tried

I tried to be a cat today
I sat down and let out a purr
I rubbed my body on the passing humans
But alas, I didn’t have any fur

I tried to be mermaid today
I swam deep down under the sea
I saw many fish surrounding me
But alas, I could not breath

I tried to be a warrior today
I grabbed a big sword that was heavy to hold
I ran onto a field of grass
But alas, it was accompanied by not a single soul

I tried to be so many things
But in the end that wasn’t me
I guess I have to “try” to stop being something else
I have to just be me

I can try to do many things
I can imitate what I see
But growth comes from self-realization
Growth comes from within me

I tried to be myself today
I really liked that a lot
I realized that there is beauty within your flaws
But alas, I realized I can’t be what I am not

“Sometimes the hardest thing to realize in life is that you are good enough being YOURSELF. You do not have to imitate others in order to stand out…. Know yourself, and love yourself and others will follow” -Monica Renata