I Miss You So

I miss you like the morning star that is seen just before sunrise
So beautiful in my world you were
Always at my Far East side

I miss you like the training wheels on my very first bright red bike
You helped me take my first few steps
Then taught me how to journey on my path of life

I miss you, oh I miss you
I miss you terribly so
Please come back to me
Oh why did you have to go?

I miss you like I miss the sun
On a very cloudy day
I miss you like I miss the rain
When it has been a drought for days

I miss every little piece of you
I miss every little thing
I’ll gladly take the bad along with the good
If here is where you would stay

Because I miss you like the winter storm that I haven’t seen a years
A storm that freezes everything
But shows beauty in the icicles on your beard

I miss you like my favorite t-shirt that is faded and in rags
Your aroma still is on it
Even though it’s been washed again and again

If all wishes came true
If wishes coming true was so
Oh how I wish you was here with me
For I dreadfully miss you so