I Just Want You To Know

The beauty of your eyes
That can see deep down in my soul
The warmth that your embrace gives me
You are the fire in the mist of the cold

The way you smile so coyly
The firmness in the shake of your hand
The way you put no one above me
The way you make me constantly stare

The things I love about you
The things that I love so
You are the apple of my eye
And I just want you to know

That you are the reason why I smile
You are the reason why I sing
You protect me from the cruel cruel world
You take down my wall brick by brick

You are beautiful on the outside
But more spectacular within
I just can’t find the words to describe
How you make me feel within

From the time the sun do rise
Til the time that it goes low
You are forever on my mind
I just wanted you to know

And don’t for a second think
That I don’t care the very least
For you bring me so much happiness in life
A future with you is all I want to see

“Sometimes the hardest words to say is how you really feel……” – Monica Renata