I feel sorry for no one………….

I feel sorry for no one………….
I know that sounds so heartless but it is true. Hell, I don’t even feel sorry for myself at times because I realize that despite all of the hardships I encounter, I encounter those hardships because I allow myself to encounter them. Many times, we neglect responsibility for our actions. People nowadays feel as though they “deserve” things, when in actuality you deserve nothing. At the end of the day, every adult is where they are because of the decisions they DECIDED to make.
I use to feel sorry for myself………. I use to blame everyone for my problems except myself. I blamed my current situation on the way in which I was raised, the family’s financial backgrounds, and also on the others who surrounded me……In a sense, that does affect you when you are younger, however, once you become an adult that really doesn’t matter. I realized how foolish I was for casting all blame on others instead of looking for blame within myself.

 If I was unhappy, it was because I allowed myself to be unhappy.
If I felt unloved, it was because I refused to love my  own self.
If I was constantly losing jobs because I was running late to work, it was because I needed to correct myself and figure out a way to get there on time.
LIFE IS NOT AS HARD AS WE SAY!!! So many times I hear people say they are poor because they don’t have cable tv. I hear people say that there aren’t any opportunities in this world for them, when I see opportunity knock constantly on their door and they deny it access into their life… People are……well…….People are stupid at times.
We say we want to be surrounded by those who love us, yet we seek the attention of those who do not.
We say we want better opportunities in life, yet we are too afraid to venture into the unknown.
We say we want more time to handle the important things in life, yet each morning when we are granted a new day to live we waste it doing meaningless things instead of what we really love…..
But why? …………
You know…….. Life is truly what you make it. And if someone says that they have a horrible life I really do not feel sorry for them…. Life is what you make it. Whether you make it a Disney adventure or a slow ride in hell is YOUR CHOICE. Once you become an adult, you have to start living your life for you. Sure stuff happens! STUFF HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. But the difference is how you let that STUFF affect you. So many people wallow in their own grief after a breakup or some other unfortunate event, and never take the time to look at all the positive around them. When you look at all the negative things in life, that list of negatives tends to go on and on. However, when  you look at the positives….that list stops short, but why?
I guess what I’m trying to say is… Pick yourself back up and stop feeling sorry for yourself…… There are so many great things in life that you miss out on by having a negative mind.

Stop worrying about those who don’t like you.
Stop worrying about those times that you failed.
Stop worrying about all of the things that make you unhappy and START LIVING!!


We all do………… So we need to stop letting our minds keep us from that….
At the end of the day, life is truly what you make it. Your life is a concoction of your expectations, decisions, and realities. You can decide to add a little bit of sugar to it to make it sweet, or you can throw in some Tabasco to make it fiery hot…but at the end of the day… That is your life.
So stop feeling sorry for yourself… And just live

Have a great day, 

 Monica Renata 
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