I Dreamed A Dream

I Dreamed A Dream
By: Monica Renata
I dreamed that life was splendid
I dreamed that life was neat
I dreamed that all my dreams would come true
And riches would be thrown at my feet
I dreamed of homes with marble
I dreamed of blue skies and crystal clean air
I dreamed of my prince charming
Waiting in the carriage made of glass
I dreamed that life was a fairy tale
I dreamed that all my wishes would come true
I dreamed of a world of splendor
Yet in my naïve mind I didn’t have a clue
Life is not a fairy tale
Some wishes don’t come true
You can’t always just be given what you want
You have to work hard too
So long are the dreams of glory
That I have so long dreamed
For life isn’t a fairy tale
And I have to put in work in order to receive
Receive my world of riches
Receive that house I yearn
I can’t just wait for it to be given
For that doesn’t happen like that anymore
To wish upon a star
Wait for a genie to grant my wish
I wasn’t born a princess
But I know happily ever after does exists
Was I at once foolish?
Was I once blind but now can see?
I dreamed life was a fairy tale
Yet reality is what my eyes meet

“Life isn’t a fairy tale….but sometimes you can get your happily ever after. You just have to work hard to get it instead of waiting for it to happen” – Monica Renata