I Do Not Fear The Gallows 3

I do not fear the gallows
For the rope is already around my neck
The darkness has already consumed my world
And I am daily gasping for breath

I do not fear the crowd that watch
For I have seen those faces before
The ones who laughed at me when I faltered
And I am sure they will lark once more

And I do not fear going to heaven nor hell
For in fire I have walked daily
To finally merge with eternal peace
I am gaily anticipating

I will walk through the crowd onward to the gallows
And I am finally not afraid
For I will live my life for me
Whether I am condemned or praised

“When life is lived to your accord, you will no longer fear the judgments of others. The greatest disdain in life can occur when you live your life for others instead of yourself. Never be afraid to live to your own script. ” –Monica Renata

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