I came, I saw, I conquered

I came
I saw
I conquered
And yet that wasn’t enough
My greed sometimes consumes my being
Enough is never really “enough”
I try
I try again
I then succeed
And I should be happy but I want more
My constant obsession to become better consumes me
I can’t be complacent for long
I climb
I run
I reach my goal
Standing on the mountain top
My dream is to touch the sky
So today I won’t stop
Always go further than you wanted to go
Always push pass your past successes
And if you feel like you reached your peak
Just know that you can keep on progressing
I came
I saw
I conquered
That was never really enough
And with that I found out
That I could be much better than I actually thought

“You never know what you are fully capable of if you don’t give yourself a shot…. Stop capping your talents! You are capable of more than you think!!!” -Monica Renata