I am TOO nice

I am too nice
I’m too nice…. That’s my problem… I’m really too nice. And when people act ugly towards me I don’t have it in me to treat them the same way…
I grew up being taught the Golden Rule. You know, “Treat people the way you would like to be treated”…… I treat others with kindness because at the end of the day that is the same kindness that I would like to be returned to me.
 Genuine kindness……
The type of kindness where if someone was crying you would give up your precious valuable time to be their shoulder to cry on.
The type of kindness where you offer your last just so someone could have something.
The type of kindness where you would give up a few minutes of your happiness just to see someone else smile…
So genuine…..So true……..Yet it so often seems that the world does not appreciate people like that.
Kindness has become a thing of the past. Everyone must equip themselves with an iron heart because emotions are trampled on daily, kindness is deemed to be a weakness, and quite frankly having evil ways (whether it be using or disrespecting someone) has become the norm.
To be such a kind person in an unkind world………Must be hard at times…….
I have said to myself so many times “I am too nice”………
I have told myself that “I will start treating others as coldly as they treat me”……
I say “I won’t let this hurt my feelings anymore. I will stop being nice”……
But at the end of the day……I remain the same.
I remainthe person who checks on others to make sure they are doing okay.
I remainthe person who goes out of my way to bring medicine or food to a friend if they are sick.
I remainthe person who smiles despite knowing that this kindness will never be returned…..
A friend once told me the following, “A consequence of being nice and doing stuff for people is that you can never expect that in return or else you will be disappointed.”
For so long, I thought this was a foolish statement. I honestly thought that others too knew of the Golden Rule, which they did; however many only use it when it benefits them. So selfish…….but what can you do? That’s life……….
I guess it all comes down to “To Be” or “Not to Be”……….
Do you want to be a nice person or not?
Do you want to live selflessly or selfishly?
Do you want the possibility of having your feelings hurt if you are taken advantage of or do you have it in you to be okay with the outcome either way it goes?
I’m too nice……That may be so true. My feelings may be hurt so many times, but no matter what, I will still smile. I will still be that person who tries to brighten others day. I will still be that person who checks up on others to make sure all is well. I will still be that person who helps others even though I may need help at times. And no, this does not mean I am a weak person.
Having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others: wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others
What is so weak about that person? What is so wrong about trying to spread happiness? What is wrong with being kind?……
I believe that nothing is wrong with it. There is no such thing as being “Too Nice”! You are yourself. You are a great person, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It isn’t your fault that others take advantage of your gentle nature. In all honestly, when someone takes advantage of a nice person they are actually ruining so much for themselves.
When a kind person’s heart begins to become icy cold, it doesn’t really have that much emotion left. All the bruises from being trampled on so many times may heal, but the heart no longer beats with kindness; it beats with rage and resentment. When a kind person dies inside, it isn’t a good thing for anyone really. With so much negativity in the world……..why deprive the world of someone who’s joy is to bring happiness to others?……
I guess what I’m trying to say is this……..
If you are a nice person, please continue to be nice. Don’t let the world change you.
And if you know nice people, please do not use them. Appreciate them, for it is very rare that we come across selfless people. Too many times we purely focus on ourselves and neglect those who go out of their way for us. Too many times we forget about people until the moment when we need them. Too many times we act ugly with each other because we feel as though our kindness will be taken as weakness and we will be used……..
I’m too nice…. That’s my problem… I’m really too nice. And when people act ugly towards me I don’t have it in me to treat them the same way…
But at the end of the day, I rather be a nice person than to be someone I am not………I guess it all comes down to “To Be” or “Not to Be”……….
Have a great day,
Monica Renata 
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