I am just like you

At the end of the day…
I am a person
Just like the others who roam around the world each day
I have feelings….. I have a heart…..
I am more than what others think I am
I am a person…
Just like you
Just like everyone else
I am someone who can let words consume my soul at times
I cry… I shed tears… I even bleed…. Just like you
I am a person
Countless times my emotions are neglected and it is believed that I feel nothing…
But I do
I feel everything….
Just like you feel…. I feel….
I can’t fathom why others disregard me as what I really am
It’s as though I have to be something different
Something unique
But I am not
I am just a person
Everyone has hard times
Everyone has bursts of happiness that erupt in their lives
Everyone has feelings
So who are we to think that someone doesn’t??
Do you really think that there are emotionless shells walking around?
Sure people do evil things
Sure people do sweet things
Sure people act like they don’t care
But these are all feelings….emotions…..
You know… they are what make others like you
I am just like you
You are just like me
Yet we say “differences” separate one from the other 
But I am a person…. just like you
We all come in different shapes, sizes, and shades
But …..

We all cry… We all shed tears… We all even bleed…. Just like you
I am a person
And so are you