Horrific Travels

Hold my hand
My dear friend
Come with me
And let’s pretend
Pretend we are worlds apart
Yet still intertwined in each others hearts

Feel my heart
Beat after beat
Your smile
Is one of my greatest treats
Now continue to hold my hand some more
And drift off in this other land we both adore

Worlds of marvel
Streets of gold
A place in which we will never grow old
This new world is small
But it is all we need
A world just built for you and me
Feast of wonder
The city of sin
You will be the greatest of all your friends
You will have to want no more
Cause everything is given, and you don’t have to work for it

Everything you ever dreamed
I have for you
This is real, or so it seems

So now you can let go of my hand
And experience all the wonders of hell
You got everything you ever dreamed
Each deadly sin you committed indeed
No longer do you need my guide
Because you are here
It’s your turn to cry

Are you scared now?
I bet you are
You are wondering around dazed
Looking at the stars
And who am I?
You could care the least
But why is it my company you wish to keep?

Greed & Gluttony
You want more and more
You over indulge in the things you adore

Anger & Envy
To say the least
You always have a problem when others accomplish great feats

You always hunger for the flesh
Don’t care about what is on the inside
It is only the physical that impress

To afraid to admit your faults

And out of all these other things
You think you will success will just come
You are lazy but expect the most

The way you got here
Is by all your doings
I didn’t have to lead you
Because it was the things you were pursuing
Which made you follow this awful path
But I’m not complaining because you are mine at last

Another man to add to my den
No concern about others
And submerged in sin