Hope in Perfection

No one is perfect…. Yet we all strive to be…
But what is perfection?
It seems as if no one can truly explain it…
But they say the following:
“If I could do this then I would be perfect…”
“If I lost this bit of weight, I would be perfect…”
“If I changed this about myself…then….. I will be perfect”
Perfecthaving all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
I guess it all comes down to what you think…. Do you think you are good enough? Are you what you desire to be? Are you happy with yourself?…
Many times the dissatisfaction we feel in areas of our life is due to others. Sometimes people tell us we aren’t good enough, and we believe them. We believe them without even questioning what “Good Enough” actually is. I remember an old teacher use to say that “Everyone is perfect in their own way”. At the time I heard this, I believed her. I was probably like 5 or 6 years old, and in Kindergarten, and I believed her….
It wasn’t until years later that I started doubting her words. I would have so many critique my life. I would hear so many negative words. I would see so much on tv and in magazines that basically told me “you are not perfect”……..And soon the hope I had inside me slowly died……….
Hope………that little light that radiates from the tiny candle within yourself goes dark……..But can it be restored? The truth is, that light inside of you never dies, it may go dim, but it never dies……When I learned this, then I was able to realize who I really was………Who I really am………..
When people talk negatively about you
Do not let their words harm you
When people do not believe in you
Never stop believing in yourself
When no one wants to accompany you on your path
Walk it alone, for sometimes greatness is found on paths no one else wanted to take
You are perfect in your own way………Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I wish I would have listened to my teacher back then………because then, I never would have doubted it.  Perfection isn’t unattainable. It is practically being the best you that “you can possibly be”… And sure you can get better……..Everyone can……But in order to keep getting better, you have to keep hope alive. Always believe in yourself. Don’t let others get you down. Let your inner light shine so brightly that it blinds those standing thousands of miles away. Be yourself for
You are beautiful,
You are courageous,
You are important,
You are talented,
You are powerful,
You are giving,
You are perfect,
And most importantly
You are Someone Special……..

-Monica Renata