Hero’s Curse

Hero’s Curse
By: Monica Renata
Volcanoes erupt.
The sky is filled with gray.
Who will come and save us
On this so unfortunate day?
Hearts are stricken with fear.
Eyes are filled with fright.
We need someone to save us.
We need someone to use all their might.
And amidst the gloomy stratosphere
Someone rises against the foe.
It appears to be a hero
Who has been frequently seen before.
Grateful are the people.
Two cheers for the battle that goes on.
We must applaud our hero.
For he is very strong.
His battle wounds will go ignored.
The fight will still go on.
And in the end he defeats the villain.
But inside he is torn.
For all the times he helped others
He never saw this deed repeat
For he helped others all the time
But wondered who would help in his time of need
And as the skies restore to blue.
His heart sinks instead of soar.
For he shall go to his hideout.
And wait til the next time he is needed once more.
The curse of being a hero.
People are always cheering so happily.
Yet no one can truly calm the sadness.
Which inside the hero they can’t see.
Who will save the hero?
The world may never know.
Yet when others are in need.
You will see him again once more.
A beautiful ending.
Yet such a tragic end.
The hero saves the world again

But the world won’t be his true friend