Hello 1


My name is Monica and I am a 24 years old…. I know, I seem a little old right..lol. Who would have thought that at this age, I would be doing what I only dreamed of doing. Well I am close anyways..lol. At this age, I feel like I have accomplished a lot. I went to college and earned my degree. I even went back to obtain my MBA… and earned that as well by the age of 24. It seems like I am so young yet so old…….. Do you ever feel this way? Do your accomplishments make you feel older than what you really are??

Throughout the course of this Blog, I will try to post very frequently. I will post poems, thoughts, or whatever crosses my mind. I am the type of person who holds back when it comes to my feelings but I write everything down. A friend of mines went through my poetry collection recently and asked me why I never shared. Truth is, I was always afraid to do so. I was always afraid to tell others how I felt. But I guess we have to get over fears sooner or later, right? Sometimes we dwell so much on the negative in life…. and forget to appreciate the positive…….Just a random thought..lol.
Well anyways, this is a reflection of my world! Welcome!!!