HATE…….An Unneccessary Burden

I have learned many things in life. I have learned countless things which were mistakenly learned…. I have learned so much……….And I appreciate this!

Of all of these lessons, one has stood out the most to me.
This lesson has made me have the strength to get over countless situations.
This lesson has actually brought happiness in my life….
And that lesson is *drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Hating someone gets you NO WHERE!!!
I mean think about it………where does it get you? Does it make your future brighter? Does it bring a smile to your face every single day to hate someone? The answer is no. It does nothing for you. When  you hate someone you just bring unneeded stress into your life. I mean, honestly, do you think the person that you “hate” is taking the time and the energy out of their day to speak harsh words or consume their thoughts about you? 
When you hate someone, you create a burden which you carry on until you actually forgive that person for his or her ways or actions. There is no point in holding on to a grudge, because quite frankly… It isn’t worth it. Find it in your heart to forgive someone for their mistakes, or better yet, if you have wronged them in any way as well APOLOGIZE! So many of us are quick to point out others wrongs, but we neglect to recognize our own. 
I use to despise others. I was treated badly and I uttered those dreadful words, “I hate him” or “I hate her” and although it may have felt nice saying them….guess what???!!! ………… They didn’t change a damn thing..lol. Besides, I realize that at times I may treat others badly as well, even if it is not purposely…..
I guess what I’m trying to say is…
People are people……..
Everyone isn’t a saint every day
We all have done some wrong in our life
And there is no reason to hate someone for it
Just move on
Don’t burden  yourself with hate
Instead of speaking harsh words about your enemy, speak kind words about your friend. Instead of posting status on social networks about things in which you H-A-T-E, talk  about the things you love. Replace all of this negativity with something else. You will be surprised at how much happiness you let into your life, and into the lives of others as well!!!