HappyTown: The Train Stop

HappyTown: The Train Stop
By: Monica Renata

On the gloomy streets of HappyTown
It never came to a complete stop
It kept on making its marvelous sound
It arrived each time on the dot

Looking like a tube of marvelous steel
Handcrafted by hard working men
The speed that was unrelenting
The speed that left behind huge gusts of wind

To stand at the vacant train stop
Waiting to be here no more
But the train won’t stop in HappyTown
And this is something that I abhor

On the gloomy streets of HappyTown
Surrounded by many who can’t see
That being happy is more than this town
Being happy resides within you and me

To leave your place of comfort
Doesn’t have to be all that bad
For being complacent in life
Is what should really make you feel sad

There is more to life than your comfort zone
Even though it is a happy spot
So I shall wait on that Choo-Choo train
Until it finally stops

“Sometimes we believe that happiness is only obtainable in our comfort zone. This prevents us from venturing outwards….But there is happiness outside your comfort zone. You just have to give yourself the opportunity to realize this” –Monica Renata

Monica Renata 
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