Happy Holidays

It is the season of giving…..
The most wonderful time of the year….

This is the time of year that parents are racing frantically in crowded stores to buy their little ones gifts. This is the time of year when some people go into financial ruin, just so that others can be “happy” to receive a gift. This is THAT time of year……..

Too many times we forget the true reason for the season. We have replaced the true meaning of this holiday with many materialistic things. Many do not think of giving to others, but yet they are ever so grateful to receive…but why? 

I honestly believe that the only true time people understand what this season is all about is when we are small children and then when we reach the age of our grandparents. I remember as a kid being excited about getting a three coloring books with the 48 box of RoseArt crayons. I was so happy with this…but then… as I got older…I wanted more stuff…And this stuff happened to be video games, shoes, and all other types of materialistic things. As I got older I no longer looked forward to the family members being all in one house…. I just wanted to run to the tree and claim anything that had my name on it….

It was the season of giving but I didn’t want to give…. I only wanted to receive…And you know what, I notice that many people are like that. They are so wrapped up in the materialistic aspect of the holiday season that they don’t appreciate the small things.

You living to see another year….
Your health…….
Your family and their health…
The smile on others face just because you are there…………

Yeah….. it is very nice to get gifts..But that isn’t the only reason for the season……..Take time to give……….Volunteer in your community. There are so many people who have no one this holiday season. There are some who are down on their luck and any little bit of help would be a blessing. Interact with your long lost family who you may come in contact with. Be kind  to a stranger…..anything!!!!!

You would be surprised how the smallest gesture could mean so much to someone else. But anyways, Happy Holidays everyone! And remember that Sometimes the best gifts can not be bought! 🙂

-Monica Renata