Growing Up

Bills, Bills, Bills!
I pay them every day…..
And as soon as I get my next check
There are even more bills I have to pay!!!

It seems like everything costs these days
And the lights
I don’t think I will ever get a break
This just isn’t right!!

For many years I thought this would be different
I couldn’t wait to be
Be an adult for once in my life
Do what my parents never allowed me
But man, I didn’t expect this!!
It’s something new everyday!!

Today I have to buy tires for my car
And also get an oil change

The fancy clothes I always wanted
Cost so much in the store
I wish  mommy and daddy were here
I’m kinda feeling poor

Everything I want
Are now my actual needs
Because things cost so much in life
That I no longer want for needless things

Bills, Bills, Bills….
That’s all I seem to pay…
I guess being an adult
Isn’t always great!