Gossip 1

No matter how you say it
It all means the same thing
You judge me by not what you know
But by what others say
I really have no chance
It’s like I’m climbing a brick wall that touches the sky
No matter what I can’t do it
I won’t get to the other side
I can show emotion
But your mind is made up as I speak
So I realize that what I say
Really doesn’t mean anything to you or me
Yes it is my feelings
But in the end they do not matter
I’m climbing up a wall
Yet my effort doesn’t even matter
My arms are so tired
My legs want to give out
But I want to reach the other side
But you have shut me out
Because of opinions formulated
By those who don’t know me at all
I am slowly falling apart again
But where is my hero???
Must I drown from these tears in my eyes
My chest is so tight
My heart is beating faster
My breathes are really short
And I can’t find any laughter
But you won’t see any of this
Because your mind is all made up
You not going by what you know
You going by who said what
So that means you didn’t give me a chance
You made your mind up at the start