Going it Alone

“I’m going to the movies alone……………”

Never in a million years would I have ever thought of doing this. I mean, who does that? The only people who go to the movies alone are weirdos, friendless people…… you know…. people who are NOT you. 
But you know what………what is so bad about it? 
Today, I sat at work thinking about how much I wanted to go see a movie. In all honesty, I thought about it for quite some time,  however, I didn’t want to go alone. Therefore, I waited because I thought others would have asked me to go or even hint that they wanted to go to a movie…but none of this ever happened. In my attempt to “not go it alone” I even asked some of my friends…who turned down the request because they were “not into” that kind of movie. So there I was…. Wanting so see a movie….. but had no one to go see it with. And quite frankly, everyone seemed so wrapped up in their life, that doing something that is considered “uninteresting” to them would be such a burden. 
I’m not going to lie, I actually felt pitiful. 
There I was… 
Wanting to see a movie that I waited to come out for over 2 years…..
.and didn’t have anyone to go with….not a dang soul
But hey, I wanted to go see it… So I had it in my head that I was going to go but I had to call others to get reassurance.
I called some friends and asked them if they would ever go see a movie alone. I was hoping that they would have encouraging words however, they did not have anything nice to say. 
“That’s so lame!! Who goes to the movies alone?”
“Going to the movies alone is boring…..”
“A person must be really desperate and unliked if they go see a movie alone..”

These types of comments kept coming. I actually decided to cancel my plans to initially see the movie because of them. But then I thought to myself, Why am I afraid to go alone
I couldn’t even answer that question……… It’s not like I thought I would have been taunted by the movie theater ghost…. Nor was it that I thought the Loser logo would be stamped on my forehead….The truth was…. I was just afraid of what others think….But why should I even care about what others think of me? So what if they think I’m lame!!!…. So what if they think I am desperate or unliked!!!!….. truth is… they can THINK whatever they wish of me because at the end of the day I know myself. And I know that I am not any of those things. 
I went to the movies. Alone. I went so early in the day that only a handful of people were in there.. And I had a great time. I laughed, I was entertained, and I was happy…But most importantly, I learned something about myself. 
If you are constantly afraid to do things alone, you will miss out on true growth and some of the best experiences in life
I find this event as a stepping stone to my future. I no longer will let the thoughts of others deter me from what I want to do. We all come across roadblocks in life, and many times those roadblocks are people’s thoughts…but we just don’t realize it them. 
Wake up!!! Stop being scared of lonely because lonely isn’t  a bad thing. Don’t be afraid to burn your own path in life. Don’t be afraid to venture from the crowd. Sure it might be scary, but you will definitely thank yourself later. 
I went see a movie alone…
And no it didn’t suck as much as I thought it would have..
It actually made me realize that sometimes I should be satisfied with just the company of ME.