Getting Rid of the Burden

Riding on your coat tails
Unable to pick up the slack
Consuming all your thoughts
Who knows what comes next

I know this is hard for you
I know you are wondering why
But I promise I won’t be a burden
I’m just going to let all of this die

Stress is through the rough right now
Unable to stand on two feet
Can’t even hear my heart beat
But somehow it is pounding as we speak

It’s just too much for you right now
It’s even too much for me
But I will relieve you of this burden
I’m preparing as we speak

Emotions running high
Days and nights I can’t sleep
I gotta do what’s best for you
I gotta do what’s best for me

I know this is hard for you
Because it is definitely hard for me
But this burden has got to go
So don’t let tears fall down your cheeks