Get Over It

Trapped on an island
Yet somewhat close to land
I hold my breathe tightly
For I wish to no longer be there
I can see land
But it is not close enough to reach
I am on this island
In the middle of the sea

This has really got me down
I’m feeling kind of alone
I start to chop the trees around
For this place is no longer home
And I want to reach that land ahead
That land that I can see
But even though it is close
It is not close enough to reach

In  my sorrows I feel overwhelmed
At times I cannot sleep
I start to put these logs together
And throw them in the sea
And the land that seemed so far away
Gets closer each time
I want to leave this island
For this is my time to shine

As the logs start collecting
They finally create a bridge
And I am marveled by my accomplish
I wonder if I should walk ahead
Leave this island that serves no purpose to me
Cross this ever changing sea
I have to reach this bit of land
That use to be hard to reach

I’m over all of this negativity
I am over this “woe is me”
I have to keep pushing on
I have to be all I want to be
I can’t let the negatives hold me back
I have to keep pushing ahead
I have to build a bridge and get over it
For hard times were not meant to last