Genuine Kindness

Genuine Kindness…
What ever happened to this?
When was the last time you were kind to someone?
Not because you had to be kind…but because you wanted to be kind?

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with our own lives that we think that we cannot spare an ounce of kindness. After all, it seems as though no one is taking time out of their day to show you “genuine kindness“, so why should you bother showing someone else that?  We walk around each day and only think about me, Me, ME…but what about everyone else?

You are having a good day..someone else is having a good day too
You are having a bad day….someone else is having a bad day too
You are upset….someone else is upset too
But you will never know…
People are hard to read at times, but kindness has a way of making people smile

Genuine kindness…
That random kindness
That simple compliment
That helping hand…
People appreciate things like that..

It is true that some people do not appreciate kindness. They abuse those who are kind to them
But just because people like that exist, it doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to be kind. You never know how your kindness can affect someone. Your encouraging words may give a young student the strength to finish school even though they were contemplating dropping out. Your assistance may make someone believe that it is possible to accomplish things they thought could never be reality. Your presence and support can make someone believe they are not alone…. Genuine kindness can do so much!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is…….. Be kind to others. Others may not be kind to you, but be kind for yourself. It is such a blessing to reawaken a dead soul, and sometimes genuine kindness can do that for some people. Trust me… for kindness has done the same for me. 🙂