By: Monica Renata

On our backs they sat
Yet they seemed so heavy to hold
We always thought others were holding us back
But that was not always so

A burden that is so heavy
Makes us unable to reach the mountain that is so high
There is a fire brewing in our belly
Yet still we are unable to fly

Trying to get one foot off the ground
But being held down each time
The world is slowly moving but we cannot hear a sound

And on our back they so sat
So beautiful indeed
Almost comparable to eagles
These beautiful and powerful wings

Yet no matter how strong they are
They still will be unable to help you fly
If you hold on to all your pain
If you let hope in your heart die

Glorious beginnings
Please take life in stride
Don’t hold on to all of life’s hurt
Let go and you will be able to fly!!

“In order to excel in life, you must be willing to let of the things that hold you down.” –Monica Renata