Imagine in the dark

Opening your eyes

And to your surprise

You see many fireflies

A word filled with dark

Is now anew

That’s the same feeling I have

When I’m with you

Darkness is gone

Light shines so bright

My heart keeps on pounding

The feeling of love at first sight

A beauty before me

Glistens in my eyes

For I love you so much

So much that I cry

For you are the wonder

That brightens my day

When I am overwhelmed with darkness

You are the light that takes the dark away

My beauty in the night

My protector from the storm

My insulation in the winter

For your love keeps me warm

In the still of the night

I’m so thankful to have you by my side

As you lay beside me

I feel tears form in my eyes

Nights have always been beautiful

But not as beautiful as these

My nights are filled with fireflies

And I thank you for bringing them to me