Finding Happy

Finding Happy
By: Monica Renata
In a world of endless thunderstorms
Surrounded by the unknown
I hide my head underneath my arms
I wish to be back home
Shrouded by my own inner fears
Afraid of what may come next
I remain the spot that I started in
So emotionally unattached
Waiting for my hero
But will they ever come
To be alone in this fury
To be alone in hell on earth
Fire consumes my soul
Yet I can also feel the light
That radiates inside of me
That wants me to continue to fight
It offers me words of encouragement
Words which were never once there
It offers me these kind words
This brought inner peace within
Life can be hard sometimes
There are many things you will go through
Just remember to remain positive
And always see things through
In a world of endless thunderstorms
I found that I was my own friend
And I looked deep inside and realized
That fear shouldn’t reside within
Overwhelmed by my blistering hope
I no longer wished to be
The person who was afraid of trying
The person who was scared to just see
Waiting for my hero
But the whole time it was me
I think I finally found my happy
Here is where I want to be
Monica Renata 
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