Fairy Tales Aren’t Real

Fairy tales aren’t real they say

But I do disagree

For I found my happily ever after

The moment you picked me



Like a flower in the meadow ahead

I thought I blended in with the crowd

But you picked me from the never-ending bunch

Because you said I made you smile



And every morning when I awake

I awaken to you watching me sleep

You say I am your Sleeping Beauty

And I have tamed your inner beast



No minions shall separate us

Our love can exist even under the sea

Evil characters don’t phase us

For I love you and you love me



Part of your world I shall always be

I can see the love tonight

Fairy tales do come true you know

And I know for sure when I look in your eyes



“Fairy tales aren’t real…but that doesn’t mean that life doesn’t end with a ‘happily ever after’.” -Monica Renata¬†