Everyone Is A Winner

Everyone is a winner
Well, at least that is what they say
Seems like everyone deserves a trophy
Even if they do not play

We are afraid to tell others the truth
Because we fear we may hurt their feelings
So everyone thinks they are the best at all times
Everyone thinks they are winners

What have we taught our younger generation?
What are they striving for?
So many put down teachers when they say their child needs to try harder

Little Timmy on the baseball team
Jennifer who loves to dance
They can’t receive any criticism
Or their parents will get mad

What has our world come to?
Seems like everyone needs a prize
No one can have their feelings hurt
No one can be criticized

Everyone has to be winners
But in order to win you must reach a goal
And so few are willing to do what it takes
Because they feel as though it is owed
This sense of entitlement weakens our future as we speak

At the end of the day
We all can’t be winners
Because some of us will face defeat