Everyone Else

Just because everyone else is doing it
Doesn’t make it right
Yet sometimes we see bad things happen
And we kindly bat our eyes
We say that others do this
We say this is the norm
We neglect the morality of the issue and simply go on

Just because everyone else is doing it
Doesn’t mean that you should too
Yet sometimes we actually question ourselves about what we shall do
We say that this can’t be wrong
We say “everyone else is doing it too”
We bypass the question of “is it wrong?”
Because others have done the same too

Just because everyone else is doing it…
That seems to be many peoples excuse
But why be like everyone else
When you could be like YOU

Sure it seems like everyone is doing wrong
Sure it seems like they are living the life
But always remember to do the right thing
No matter if you are the only one doing right

Everyone else…
It seems like we are always concerned with them
But sometimes we lack to look at the person deep within
You are who you are
So never make any excuse
And always…ALWAYS…Always be you