Endless Echoes

Endless Echoes
By: Monica Renata
In a world of hallow white walls
I whisper to you and hear my words echo
Bouncing endlessly around
Sounding like a distant melody with a mellow tone
You stand there
You stand as still as the air on a starry night
You say you listen
Yet you do not hear…
Words which were meant to be heard
But also words which deafen your ears
I whisper to you
These words
My words
For you
Yet you don’t understand
You can’t understand
So what now?
Hollow as the drum that is played by the music man at the beach
My heart aches
Yet words, my words, surround me
Drowning in a pool of what I decided to speak
What I really felt…
What I said…
What you did not want to hear…
I say and hear my echo repeat
We are standing face to face
So close that our feet meet
I whisper to you in a room of hallow white walls
My words echo endlessly
Yet on your ears they do not fall
Drums pounding
Sweat dropping at my feet
My words surround us both
Yet your ears can’t hear a peep
I’m talking to you
I’m trying to get you to see
Listen to the endless echoes
Which surround you and me
“Sometimes no matter how much you try to talk to someone about something, they will never be able to understand. You cannot speak upon deafened ears…” –Monica Renata

Monica Renata 
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