It’s Easy To Breathe If You Aren’t Underwater



 The sound of my voice
Gasping for air
Radiates through the room
Tears do not fall from my eyes
But they tell a tale of unfathomable doom
I move my arms
And swing my feet
And yet I am still stuck
I feel like I am suffocating
And you stand next to me and watch
Our surroundings are the same
Yet, there is one difference
I am gasping for air
You look at me begrudgingly
I know you do not care
You tell me that you understand how I feel
You tell me to calm down
You’ve been through this too
But it is easy for you to breathe
When you aren’t underwater and waiting for rescue
So stand beside me
And do not doubt my inner grief
For while we all go through pain
Our agony is reasonably unique
“It is easy to breathe when you aren’t under water. So be considerate when comforting someone who is drowning.” -Monica Renata


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