Dreadful Holiday

Dreadful Holiday
By: Monica Renata
It comes around each and every year
It is really hard to ignore
The TV reminds you daily
And so do your neighborhood stores
All the guys get ready
All the girls wait to be attended on by their king
A day I sit alone once again
Oh that dreadful dreadful holiday
I never received flowers
Or even a lover’s kiss
Not even a box of chocolates
Or someone say that it is I they miss
I never woke up happy
And just so excited on that day
In fact I wish that I never existed
Oh that dreadful dreadful holiday
Aisles are filled with red and pink
Some place rose petals on the floor
And I sit in my apartment
Painfully alone
Never really experienced it
But always wondered what if
What it would be like to have someone
Who spoiled me and brought me gifts
To feel the genuine affection of another
To know that your presence would be missed
Unfulfilled wishes
But each year I hope for more
Maybe someday it will come together
Maybe someday it will mean something to me
Maybe next year I won’t be alone again
On that dreadful dreadful holiday

Monica Renata 
My Book: 
The Awkward Butterfly: http://amzn.com/B00EP5A484