Delete (verb) – to remove or obliterate
Actions speak louder than words.
That is what they always say.
So I won’t listen to a word you say, but I will pay attention carefully.
I will carefully observe your actions
I will examine your response
I will have my ears wide shut
While my eyes continue to watch
I will not utter a single word
I will just continue to observe what you do
Because actions speak louder than words, they say
And your actions will reveal the truth
Oh if life was so simple
If it was just like a social network or a show on tv
You could easily remove me when you wanted to
By simply pressing delete
Actions speak louder than words
And what you are telling me
Is that you don’t want me in your life
You wish you could delete me
You never really said this
But that is what your actions say
So I will not ignore this warning
I will just quietly go away
What’s the point of staying where you aren’t wanted?
I mean, your body language tells it all
Because even though your mouth says you care about me
Your actions don’t show this at all